Are all of your pickups handwound?

Yes. All of our pickups are handwound. 

What does waxpotted mean?

Waxpotted means that the pickup is put into melted wax after winding. This will protect the coil and will heavily reduce microphonic feedback.

What does potted by hand mean?

It means that every pickup is put into wax one at a time, by the hand of a human being. 

Are all of your pickups waxpotted?

All of our pickups are standard fully waxpotted. If you want to order a set that is not waxpotted or just very slightly waxpotted, please send us an email and we can make that happen for you.

What do you mean by RWRP?

RWRP stands for 'Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity', this means that one coil is wound with the winding direction and magnetic polarity reversed in comparison to another coil. This will minimize 60 cycle hum when both pickups are used at once. A typical example of this are positions 2 and 4 on the 5-way selector switch of an S-style guitar. 

Different pickup manufacturers use different winding direction and magnet polarity. There is no standard for this in the guitar pickup industry. So please be aware that one company's RWRP is not the others. 

What does Vintage Redesigned stagger mean?

When we talk about Vintage Redesigned stagger we refer to the magnet stagger that you will find on our S-style and T-style pickups. The Vintage Redesigned stagger is made to give you a stagger that matches the radius of your guitar while keeping the vintage looks. 

What are the differences between ALNICO 2, ALNICO 3 and ALNICO 5 magnets? 

ALNICO 2: compared to ALNICO 3 and 5, AlNICO 2 is in between magnetic strenght. Warm sounding, not much treble. 

ALNICO 3: the only magnet in the ALNICO family that does not contain Cobalt. The lowest in magnetic strenght in commonly used guitar pickups. A bit brighter then the ALNICO 2, with clear mids and warm bass, but with a little les low-end.

ALNICO 5: the strongest commonly used magnet in guitar pickups. Has tight bass response, scooped mids and clear highs.

Do you repair/rewind pickups?

Yes, we do. Please send an email to discuss your wishes. Be sure to sent some photo's of the actual pickup before sending us any pickups for rewinding.

I want to have a custom pickup build to my specs, can you do that?

Yes, we can. Check out the BUILD YOUR DREAMPICKUP section on our website.




How important is the K -reading?

It's a handy measurement, but it's rough. The DC resistance of any pickup will be influenced by the outside temperature. The hotter the temparature, the higher the DC resistance will read, and vice versa. The DC resistance will also read lower when you have installed the pickup in your guitar. When you keep the pickup in your hands for a while the output will read higher. 

What does 'Heavy Formvar wire' mean?

Heavy Formvar is a type of wire insulation. The insulation protects the wire from short-circuiting. Heavy Formvar wire is best known for being used in Fender pickups in the 50's and early 60's.

What does 'Plain Enamel wire' mean?

Plain Enamel is a type of wire insulation. The insulation protects the wire from short-circuiting. Plain Enamel wire is best known for being used in Gibson pickups and Fender pickups.

What does 'AWG' mean?

AWG stands for: American Wire Gauge.  It is a logarithmic stepped standardized wire gauge system that measures the diameter of round, solid, nonferrous ,electrically conducting wire. For guitar pickups that means the thickness of the Heavy Formvar or Plain Enamel wire, which we use in the winding of all our pickups. 

What does 'ALNICO' mean?

ALNICO, (or AlNiCo) is an acronym referring to a family of iron alloys which in addition to iron are composed primarily of Aluminum (AL), Nickel (NI) and Cobalt (CO). 

Which value pots should I use?

250K pots are used most commonly for Fender style pickups and 500K pots for Gibson style pickups. We recommand these values unless you want to change the character of your tone. You can brighten the tone by raising the value of your pots and darken the tone by lowering it. Check out the Fender Jaguar for tonal reverence of a higher value pot on a single coil pickup. This guitar uses 500K and 1 MEG  (1000K) pots.




Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we do. 

How do you send Internation orders?

All items are packed very carefully. We ship via PostNL, The Royal Dutch Mail of The Netherlands. You will be responsible for any taxes and/or VAT. 

Do you provide tracking information?

Yes. A track-and-trace code will be send to you automatically and is included in the shipping rate.

Do you provide insurance?

Insurance is provided up to €100,- . If you would like to have your package insured above this ammount, be sure to let us now when you place your order.


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