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Surf's up with the Apollo Pickups  Jaguar set!

Original vintage Jaguar's can sometimes sound quite harsh due to the combination of medium output pickups and 1MEG pots. Until know. We designed our Jaguar set to work perfectly with your guitar's original 1-MEG pots. This set delivers slightly softened treble frequencies and a tighter bass response, while keeping that classic Bell-sound!

Wound with 42-AWG Plain Enamel wire on the highest quality ALNICO V magnets. RWRP (reverse wound/reverse polarity), for hum-cancelling when combining pickups.

Like all our pickups, this set is waxpotted for ultimate tone without nasty microphonics. 




  • Hand-wound for ultimate dynamic tone
  • RWRP  for hum-cancelling in middle position
  • USA-made Alnico V magnets
  • USA-made 42-AWG Plain Enamel wire
  • Waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics
  • 5 year Warranty on manufacturing defects





The Jaguar set reads around 6.2 K in the Neck and 6.6 K in the Bridge.

Used Materials

This set is wound with 42- AWG Plain Enamel wire. The magnets are ALNICO V.


This set is waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics.


Neck: North Up, Bridge: South Up (RWRP)

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