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These pickups are the perfect set for anyone looking for ultimate Mustang tone with softened treble frequencies and tighter bass response. Slightly overwound with 42-AWG Plain Enamel wire on the highest quality ALNICO V magnets. This set is wound RWRP (reverse wound/reverse polarity), for hum-cancelling in middle position.

Like all our pickups, this set is waxpotted for ultimate tone without any of the nasty microphonics. 




  • Hand-wound for ultimate dynamic tone
  • RWRP  for hum-cancelling in middle position
  • USA-made Alnico V magnets
  • USA-made 42-AWG Plain Enamel wire
  • Waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics
  • 5 year Warranty on manufacturing defects





The Mustang set reads around 5.9 K in the Neck,  and  6.3 K in the Bridge.

Used Materials

This set is wound with 42- AWG Plain Enamel wire. The magnets are ALNICO V.


This set is complety waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics.


Neck: North Up, Bridge: South Up (RWRP)

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