50 ’s S-Style ALN. V AGED

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50 ’s S-style ALN. 

These pickups are the perfect set for anyone looking for the ultimate 50’s tone with a superior balance in volume between the strings. This is due to our own exclusive Vintage Redesigned stagger. Just like the originals, these baby’s are Handwound with the greatest attention to detail.

Our 50 ‘s S-style ALN. V set is slightly overwound with 42-AWG Heavy Formvar wire on the highest quality ALNICO V magnets. With a RWRP (reverse wound/reverse polarity) middle pickup for hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4 along the 5-way selector switch. These pickups are perfect for anyone looking for ultimate 50’s tone with a superior balance between the different strings.

Like all our pickups, this set is waxpotted for ultimate tone without any of the nasty microphonics. Heavily recommended for anyone into pop, rock, country, blues, surf, rockabilly and fingerpicking.







  • Hand-wound for ultimate dynamic tone
  • Aged Pickupcovers
  • Aged Polepieces
  • Vintage Redesigned stagger for optimal volume balance
  • RWRP middle pickup for hum-cancelling in positions 2 & 4
  • USA-made Alnico V magnets
  • USA-made 42-AWG Heavy Formvar wire
  • Waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics
  • 5 year Warranty on manufacturing defects




The 50 's S-style ALN. V reads around 5.7K in the Neck, 6.0K in the Middle and  6.2K in the Bridge. 

Used Materials

This set is wound with 42- AWG Heavy Formvar wire. The magnets are ALNICO V. 


This set is complety waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics.


Neck and Bridge: North Up. Middle: South Up (RWRP)


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