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Looking for a rich sounding, high output Humbucker with a fat vintage-styled tone? Turn up the heat with The Radiator! This is the hottest humbucker in our humbucker range. Made especially for those who are about to rock. This humbucker is redesigned for maximum tone, using 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire (which is usually only found on some Telecaster Neck pickups) and AlNiCo 5 magnets in both pickups. If you love playing those steamy, sweaty rock ’n roll tunes, then this is your new pickup. Like all our pickups, this set is waxpotted by hand for ultimate tone without nasty microphonics. 







  • Beefy sounding humbucker - high output, rich thick tones
  • Hand-wound for ultimate dynamic tone
  • USA-made Alnico 5 magnets
  • USA-made 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire
  • Nickel-Silver Baseplates and Covers
  • Waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics
  • 5 year Warranty on manufacturing defects



The Radiator reads 10.75 K in the Neck and 14.25 K in the Bridge. All sets have compensated output to match volume. The output reading for the bridge pickup reads higher than it actually sounds. This is due to the use of thinner 43-AWG wire on the bridge pickup.

Used Materials

The Radiator is wound with 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire. Both magnets are ALNICO 5. Baseplate's and covers are made of Nickel-Silver. 


This set is complety waxpotted by hand to prevent microphonics.


Like all Apollo Pickups humbuckers, this set is South Up on the screw side and North Up on the slug side of the pickup.


This set has the 49.2 mm Gibson Standard Spacing. 


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